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70dB Shielding Fabric Aaronia Shield ULTRA (50m²)

Quick Overview

• High damping factor of 65dB at 1MHz, 70dB at 1GHz and 46dB at 10GHz (ASTM D 4935-10 Method)
• Non-Oxidizing, outer layer of nickel for corrosion resistance
• Surface Resistivity Ω/sq: less than 0.1
• Half transparent
• Rustproof
• Frostproof
• Tearproof
• Foldable
• Excellent surface conductivity
• Very easy to handle even for the novice
• Length per standard unit: 45,5m (50m²). Also available as cut good
• Lane width: approx. 1,1m
• Thickness: 0,085mm
• Mesh Count/inch: 200
• Colour: Grey
• Weight: approx. 34g/m2
• Material: High-performance copper/nickel/polyester compound

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High performance shielding fabric Aaronia Shield ULTRA.
Comparable to the conventional Aaronia Shield, but with a higher damping factor of up to 70dB and non-oxidizing. Perfect for shielding of window surfaces indoors and even outdoors. Can be used ideal for construction of EMC test chambers or bug-proof conference rooms due to the extremely high damping factor. We recommend the use in combination with the shielding fleece Aaronia X-Dream.

Additional Information

Lane width 110cm
Shielding factor 70dB at 1GHz and 46dB at 10GHz
Frost proof Yes
Weight approx. 34g/m²
Material thickness 0,085mm
Paintable Yes