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MDF 50400X (active) (500kHz - 400MHz)

Quick Overview

Active magnetic loop antenna MDF 50400X

• Includes high performance 40dB preamplifier with battery
• Frequency range:  500kHz - 400MHz (1MHz - 40MHz with max +/- 1.0dB deviation)
• Exterm high gain for measurement of weakest signals
• Perfect for magnetic field tracking
• Handy and compact
• Can be connected to any Spectrum Analyzer or any Oscilloscope
• Connector: SMA connector (N via optional adapter)
• Nominal Impedance: 50 Ohm
• Tripod connection: 1/4 "
• Weight: 360gr
• Dimensions: 180x180x85mm
• Supplied with high quality, waterproof outdoor case with foam inserts, pistol grip with mini tripod function and USB power adapter to charge the preamplifier
• Warranty: 10 years

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Active Loop Antenna Aaronia MDF 50400X
The Aaronia MDF 50400X is an active, broadband magnetic field tracking antenna, suitable for signal tracking and field strength measurements.

In contrast to the passive version, the MDF 50400X comes with directly attached 40dB preamplifier. The thus reached extremely high antenna gain allows the measurement of ultra-weak signals.

The MDF antenna provides a very high accuracy over a wide frequency range.

This feature allows the use of the MDF as a highly accurate field strength meter in conjunction with power meter or spectrum analyzer.

The preamplifier of the antenna can be operated by an internal battery or by the included USB AC adapter. The battery time is approx. 3-4 hours. The USB connection allows to read out the calibration data of the preamplifier, which are stored in the internal EEPROM and therefore can not be lost.

Additional Information

Country of Manufacture Germany
Dimensions 180x180x85mm
Frequency range 500kHz - 400MHz
Guarantee 10 years
Weight 360g
RF connection SMA (N via optional Adapter)
Included with delivery MDF 50400X Antenna with 40dB preamplifier, waterproof outdoor case with foam inserts, pistol grip with mini tripod function and USB power adapter
Tripod connection 1/4"
Estimated delivery time N/A