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Spectran NF-1010E (10Hz - 10kHz)

Quick Overview

Technical details EMF Meter SPECTRAN NF-1010E
• Frequency range: 10Hz to 10kHz
• Typ. level range E-Field: 1V/m to 2.000 V/m
• Typ. level range H-Field: 10nT to 100.000nT
• Typ. accuracy: 5%
• USB 2.0 Interface
• Fast FFT/DFT spectrum display
• Simultaneous M-Display X, Y, Z axes
• True RMS signal strength measurement
• Average (AVG) measurement
• PEAK Hold
• High-performance DSP (Digital Signal Processor)
• 3D magnetic field measurement
• Frequency and signal strength display
• High-resolution multi-function display
• DIN/VDE 0848 exposure limit calculation
• Units: V/m, T, G, A/m
• Detectors: RMS
• Demodulator: AM
• Audio: Internal speaker with volume control and 2,5mm jack

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EMF Meter SPECTRAN NF-1010E - heavily extended version of SPECTRAN NF-1010 The fast USB 2.0 interface provides connection to a Windows/MAC/Linux PC for extended signal analysis. Lots of included accessories (SPECTRAN special battery and battery charger) and the extended functionality (like the direct spectrum display) provide particularly the novice with the ability to do professional EMF measurements at a small price.

Additional Information

Country of Manufacture Germany
Frequency range 10Hz - 10kHz
Weight 420g
Guarantee 10 years
FFT (Resolution in points) 64
Filter bandwidth (min/max) 1Hz (min) - 3kHz (max)
Typ. precision base unit 5%
Typ. level range 1V/m to 2.000 V/m and 10nT to 100.000nT
Included with delivery EMF Meter SPECTRAN NF-1010E, SPECTRAN special battery, battery charger, aluminum carrying case and detailed English manual (on CD)
Tripod connection 1/4"