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Spectran HF-6080 V4 (10MHz - 8GHz)

Quick Overview

Technical details Portable Spectrum Analyzer Spectran HF-6080 V4
• 14Bit Dual-ADC
• DDC Hardware-Filter
• 150 MIPS DSP (CPU)
• Frequency range: 10MHz to 8GHz
• Max measurement range: -145dBm (1Hz)
• Max measurement range PreAmp: -160dBm (1Hz)
• AbsMax Level: +10dBm
• Lowest possible Filter: 1kHz
• Lowest possible SampleTime: 10mS
• Typ. accuracy: +/- 2dB
• Up to 100x faster SampleTime as Rev.3
• Up to 70dB higher sensitivity as Rev.3

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Our 8GHz Handheld Spectrum Analyzer at an incredible price. Heavily extended frequency range of up to 8GHz. Extreme sensitivity.

Additional Information

Country of Manufacture Germany
Frequency range 10MHz - 8GHz
Weight 430g
Guarantee 10 years
AVG Noise Level (1Hz) with PreAmp -145dBm(1Hz)
Vector power measurement (I/Q) and True RMS Ja
Filter bandwidth (min/max) 1kHz (min) - 50MHz(max)
Typ. precision base unit +/- 2 dB
Lowest possible SampleTime 1mS
Typ. level range -160dBm (1Hz)
Included with delivery Handheld Spectrum Analyzer HF-6080 V4, HyperLOG 6080 LogPer Antenna with pistolgrip, 1m SMA cable, SMA tool, SPECTRAN battery, power supply, amluminum transportcase, PC analysis software and exhaustive manual (on CD)
Tripod connection 1/4"