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UWB-R 8Rx Tower (9kHz - 20GHz)

Panorama Rápido

• 1,4GHz real-time bandwidth

• 9kHz up to 20GHz frequency range

• 24/7 continuous recording-capability

• 8 independent receivers

• Unlimited recording time (needs 1GB/min.)

• Monitor up to 8 different frequency channels at the same time

• Several inputs or single input via combiner

• Including fully-featured software-package and license

• Customized software features on request

• Patented spectrum analysis

• Hard- and Software Made in Germany

Pedido de cotação

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Aaronia now offers the world's first series of Ultra-Wideband Recorders. As a highly flexible recorder and analyzer, the Aaronia UWB-R 8Rx can monitor and record signals of different center frequencies and narrowband (up to 175MHz per receiver) and wideband (up to 1,4GHz RTBW) signals.

The UWB-R is a unique system that offers flexibility for real-time spectrum analysis and surveillance. With the UWB-R 8Rx up to 8 different frequency bands (with 175MHz RTBW each) can be monitored simultaneously in real-time. This amounts to a real-time bandwidth of 1,4GHz when all receivers are used together. A real-world example for such a setup would be monitoring the GSM900, GSM1800, UMTS, GPS, 3G, 4G, WLAN 2,4GHz and 5,8GHz at the same time, checking for any irregularities or interference in real-time.

Included with the system is the RTSA Suite PRO Software, a feature rich software for real-time spectrum analysis with many useful functions. The software is under constant development and improvement. It offers full integration with the UWB-R system. Some of the main features are the gap-less and unlimited recording and replaying of signals, the remote-control ability, the real-time signal demodulation, the intelligent 3D triggers and the multitude of ways to display and analyze signals. The software is available for Windows, MacOS and Linux and has low system-requirements.

Informações Adicionais

País de produção Alemanha
Faixa de frequência 9kHz - 20GHz
Peso 15 kg
Garantia 2 years
Ruído AVG (HZ) com pré-amplificador -150dBm/Hz
Largura de banda de filtro 1Hz to 3MHz
Fornecimento UWB-R 8Rx Tower, Spectrum Analysis Software RTSA Suite (pre-installed)